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Practice SAT test questions are an essential element of SAT preparation for any tester interested in improving her SAT scores. If you don’t have SAT questions (and answers), then how can you find out if your SAT strategies are helping you at all?

SAT practice question

An example of an explanation for a real SAT Math question from an online site.

Warning! What to look out for

The problem is that there are lots of bad, or fake, SAT questions out there. These can be published by large test-preparation companies like Princeton Review, Kaplan, Barron’s, and so on, or they can even be published by indie SAT tutoring web sites, of which there seem to be more and more all the time.

The problem with these fake, so-called “SAT Questions” is that they aren’t created by the actual College Board, which is the company that writes and administers the SAT. The College Board follows very strict rules when it writes the SAT, so that it can ensure the standardization of the test remains valid. Which will ensure that colleges and universities can continue to rely on their applicants’ test scores.

Here’s an article from one tutor on the dangers of fake test questions.

Here’s a video with some artificial SAT Math questions, so you can see for yourself how they might be different from real SAT questions:

But fake SAT questions written by other companies don’t necessarily have to follow the same rules that a real SAT question must follow. It even seems to be the case that many test preparation companies and web sites are unaware of these hidden rules of the test, because many of them write questions for their students that break very obvious SAT rules about things like this:

  • parts of speech in reading or writing questions
  • area formulas in math questions
  • interpretation of reading passages
  • physics formulas in math questions
  • and so on…

So the only safe thing to do is to stick with questions from the College Board itself.

SAT Preparation Questions From The College Board: The Only Safe Option

When it comes to official SAT questions from the College Board, there are two types:

  1. free SAT practice questions
  2. paid SAT practice questions

Obviously most people prefer the free questions.

Free SAT Practice Questions

Free SAT practice questions are available from the College Board in a few different major locations online.

  1. You can follow this link to find a free downloadable, printable SAT test.
  2. You can follow these link to find small sets of practice questions for math, writing, and reading questions.
  3. Finally, you can follow this link for the SAT question of the day.

If you know a high school guidance counselor or other education professional, then you can get a copy of a free bulletin that goes out every year and contains a practice test also.

Of course, each of these sources includes the full SAT question and answers, too, not just the question by itself. But be careful of any SAT answer explanations that you might find on the College Board site, since the CB often does a bad job of explaining its own questions in the most direct way.

Paid Questions From The College Board

Paid SAT practice questions can be found in the College Board’s book “Official SAT Study Guide.” This book is available from a lot of sources online. The cheapest one is usually found at

You might also choose to sign up for the College Board’s online SAT preparation course. This contains a variety of SAT practice questions and materials.

Here’s one last video with an example of a tutor’s solution to a real SAT Math question. Contrast this with the video above.

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